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“Latin America has potential.”
“From being a missions field to a missions force.”
“Now is the time.”
“From Latin America to the World”
For many years now we have been listening to these phrases in conferences and churches. We have been praying for them to become a reality, but today more than ever we must act, changing intention into action. The harvest continues to be in need of workers; therefore, we want accelerate the process and take small but forceful steps that connect, challenge and provide service opportunities to all young people who are being challenged to be a part.
Over the next year and a half, with faith and prayer, we are committed to searching all over Latin America for 100 courageous and dedicated young people, willing to go one step further. Are you one of them? We’re not just talking about spending one or two weeks serving at a CIMA near you.



The idea is for you to come to Europe for six to ten weeks. We will start with a training week in Walzenhausen to prepare ourselves for the task ahead and to learn how to organize a national CIMA. Filled with moments of prayer, daily devotionals and strategic planning courses, this week will help us to be able to work in a missional and evangelistic way together with other local churches. After the DISCOVER part of CIMA, we will also carry out EXPERIENCE together with the participants of the different CIMAs.
Let’s go to Europe! Not to do a tour of France, to see how steep the tower of Pisa is, to feel the adrenaline of San Fermin or to show off the best photos on our social networks. Let’s go to Europe to serve, love, give, evangelize and mobilize. We are going to serve the churches, to carry a message of love through the streets of Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Zagreb. What if we closed our time there by giving the opportunity to the youth of those five countries to be motivated and challenged by God through a CIMA? Just like it happened with you!
We pray that the CIMAs will help form a new wave of young Europeans who see the need in their countries and rise up to evangelize their continent. It is a great challenge, but the time has come to unleash the potential of Latin America, for Latinos to go to Europe to show the world God’s love.
Let’s go to Europe!

More than 40 organizations will be joining us during the six days of CIMA INTL. 2020 in Santiago, Chile.


From the hands of experienced pastors, leaders and missionaries from all over the world.


Throughout the rest of the year you’ll have to preach, serve, attend to and minister. But this week, let us take care of you. We want to serve you, letting God recharge your batteries so you can go back refreshed to the place God has put you.
For this reason we have prepared a special program with special themes, speakers and testimonies for you.
We want to train you will special tools, not only so you can work with young people, but also for your life and personal ministry.


With other pastors and leaders and their experiences in ministry.


About what God is doing throughout Latin America and the work of Latino pastors and leaders are doing.


February 10-16, 2020


Chile: $160 USD (does not include lodging).
• Latin America: $120 USD (does not include lodging).
• The rest of the world: $180 USD (does not include lodging).


Off-site accommodation
There are options available, and as such we can help you look for accommodations.

On-site accommodation
It is also possible to stay with the participants and volunteers onsite at CIMA International 2020.
This basic accommodation that comes with breakfast included for each day, has an extra cost of $40 USD.


Materials and food (lunch and dinner; breakfast will be included in the place you are staying).
For more information:

135 USD*

Group #1

Countries: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana. Surinam, Guayana Fran cesa. cesa.

After September 1, 2019: 150 USD
After December 1, 2019: 165 USD

110 USD*

Group #2

Countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica.Países: Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá, Costa Rica. Países: Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá. Panamá.

After September 1, 2019: 120 USD
After December 1, 2019: 135 USD

80 USD*

Group #3

Countries: Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Belize, Jamaica.

After September 1, 2019: 90 USD
After December 1, 2019: 100 USD

200 USD*

Group #4

Rest of the world Resto del mundo Resto del mundo Resto del mundo Resto del mundo Resto del mundo Resto del mundo Resto del mundo mundo000

After September 1, 2019: 90 USD
After December 1, 2019: 100 USD

*In order to make a down payment for CIMA INTL. 2020, take into account that you will have to pay from your country of residence. To save you spot, you have to pay 50 USD.


  • Lodging for 6 days (from Monday, February 10 until Sunday, February 16)
  • Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Materials (folder, thin mattress, books, etc.)
  • Access to the entire program


To find out the way to pay and the different promotions for CIMA International 2020, please contact MOVIDA in your country.
Sign up for CIMA using the website
Space is limited


  • If you are unable to go to the event, your inscription is NOT refundable. However, another person can go in your place if he/she signs up and informs MOVIDA in your country.
  • If you paid the entire event and are later unable to assist, MOVIDA International will refund the amount of the event, with the exception of the $50 USD down payment. You must request the refund before November 11, 2019.


  • Be 15 years or older
  • Present a pastoral letter authorizing your assistance in CIMA International 2020 (you can download a model letter on the website)
  • Bring sleeping bag and personal hygiene items
  • Bring Bible


Please consult the EXPERIENCE team about costs and requirements for EXPERIENCE:


Santiago, Chile. Espacio Riesco

What is Operation CIMA?

A massive intervention project where we will all flood the streets of Santiago with the mission of offering help, comfort, hope and encouragement. This is your opportunity to be a part of God’s work in Santiago, Chile. We want to transmit the hope that exists in Christ as we reflect His love to all people!

It will be an incredible afternoon full of opportunities in different contexts of need: hospitals, children’s homes, parks, high schools and many other places in Santiago.

We’re praying that as 3,000 young people head out to do massive evangelism together, God will impact the city and beyond through this movement.

We hope this day won’t just be a chance to do social services, but that it would also be a time where new movements are generated to share God’s love for all people.

For years Latin America has been a witness as hundreds missionaries have invested their lives so that others would know Jesus. For some it has even cost them their lives. Today, we can see the fruits of their sacrifice in a Latin America that speaks of God, preaches the salvation message and burns with a passion for telling others about the hope they have in Jesus.
We have always been told that our young people have a lot of potential, with strengths and weaknesses that could and should be fully taken advantage of in order to be a part of reaching a world that needs to know Jesus.
As Latino young people we want to take active steps towards the reality, necessity and urgency of carrying the Gospel to the ends of the earth in order to actively fulfill the Great Commission.
We want to confront the indifference that many times makes us focus on our own life projects, that lead us away from what God is asking us to do.
We want to commit to loving God above all else and obeying him by carrying his message of Salvation to the ends of the earth. For this reason we invite you to be part of the “Latin American Youth Commitment Statement”, where together we will be the voice of the continent and the feet of a generation that will go from being a power to a missionary force in the coming years.
The time has arrived and as young people we unite together and commit to be the change the continent needs.

Come along! Be a part!
Hebert Bascur


It is the voice of the Latino young person expressing and pronouncing his active commitment to God and His mission in the coming years, a short and long-term, local and global commitment.


You can!
Latino young people along with Christian organizations are busy working, handing out questionnaires and forming work groups so that the declaration would represent the voice of the same young people and organizations that are working in favor of young people.
In 2019, we will need “agents” that mobilize their circles to be a part of the “Latin American Youth Commitment Statement.” Come and be a part of this great effort!



Imagine it! A world full of young people carrying the message of salvation. Imagine turning the potential in Latin America into a missionary force, one that sweeps into the world. A force capable of reaching the ends of the earth. A force that crosses oceans and jungles. I don't know about you, but I've been imagining this for more than 30 years.
Thousands of young people saying "no" to their own way of life and their own limits. Thousands of young people saying "yes" to God's Mission. This is my goal, and everybody in MOVIDA is working towards the same as well: That you may find your place in His perfect plan. Returning to Chile in February, 2020, will undoubtedly be a historic moment in our personal lives. As we continue to witness what God has done in 30 years of ministry, what’s even more important is that this CIMA International 2020 would have a historical impact in your life.
I hope and pray to see you in Europe at one of the 5 CIMA's that I am convinced will be a blessing to this continent. I pray that you will experience Him. I pray that together we may reach the world for His glory. Make sure you don't miss it!

Thomas Vögelin
Founder and Director MOVIDA International

Jesus incarnates the God who makes it possible. His 3 years of ministry leave us the example to follow. Only one life that transformed the world to infinity and beyond, all into eternity. That is why it is not the quantity of crazy people that matters, but rather the quality of our dedication, our renunciation. He left us a legacy of radical submission, on which we can build our present and future.
Over time we developed structures, models and forms that help us to fulfill God's Mission. But these don't always fit the model that Jesus left us. They do not fit because His model isn't defined by it's shape. He showed us His values that He built his life, his death and resurrection on, transforming the world once and for all.
This radical life of Jesus will make us question the values and foundation of our lives and will lead us to ask ourselves what our role is in His Kingdom. We have just this one life. How are you going to live it?

Matzi Vögelin
Director CIMA International 2020

Cima International 2020



Learn through teaching.
During the six days in “DISCOVER” you will receive training through workshops and plenaries. God will speak to your heart through pastors, leaders, and missionaries who are eager to share their experience.


Put into practice!
In “Experience” you have the opportunity to put into practice everything you learned in the “Discover” section. You will serve in international teams on short-term missions trips and support the work of local churches.

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    Hosted in January at the Trade Fair Complex in Córdoba, Argentina. Over 2,300 participations.
    The fourth CIMA International, but first in Central America.
    Will be hosted in Santiago, Chile in 2020. #CIMA2020
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